Have a look at all the amazing features we have in store for you!


Have a look at all the amazing features we have in store for you!

Predictive Analysis

understanding customer browsing and buying patterns are a roadmap to develop the right products and promotions to attract them while they are browsing within your store. provide them with product suggestions related to the past items they viewed, added to cart or wish list, and purchase. send strategic and scheduled email/push notifications containing discount coupons to inactive users!

Upselling & Cross-selling

User can choose to apply a cross-sell discount on a particular product. Cross-selling is selling an additional product not related to the product on discount. User can also choose to apply an upsell discount on a particular product. Upselling is a discount given by seller to induce the customer to buy more expensive items, upgrades, or add-ons

Affiliate Programme

eTAI is not just a service-provider. It would also help you reach more consumers by automatically posting all customer purchases on its Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts while also assisting your customers earn more reward points.

Referral Programme

drive more traffic to your online store while increasing your pool of loyal members using the power of social media! let your members spread the word through email, facebook, and twitter by awarding them with an e-voucher for every new customer who visits, registers, and purchases an item in your store. generate more and more customers and revenue with the help of your loyal members!

Reward System

Configure the reward points scheme that suits your loyalty program! Encourage your customers to buy more to earn more points that they can use to offset their total bills and to redeem products or evouchers.

other key features

we offer more built-in features to drive sales than any other platform