• What is eTAI?

    eTAI is a user-friendly, flexible, and affordable ecommerce software system that breaks down the learning curve of building an online and mobile store without programming knowledge. Understanding the challenges every entrepreneur faces, eTAI aims to put them in the driver’s seat with over control every aspect of their business to manage their business in his own signature style.

Store Creation


  • How much do I have to pay?

    For as low as 4% of every successful payment transaction, you can have an all-in access to all the eTAI features for as long as you want!

Key Features

  • Why should I choose eTAI?

    Monetise your store! Use eTAI’s predictive analytics and automatic recommendations to increase wallet share and sales and to improve your post sales service

    Channel your inner creative genius! You can create a store by simply choosing a design them and customising it with a drag and drop interface or design your store front and merchandise display based on your own taste! You could also create stunning visual slideshows and displays across your store. o You can also design rewards for customers promoted to a higher tier of membership to increase wallet share and reTAIn loyal customers.

    Start campaigns and promotions like a pro! In eTAI, you can have full control over the campaigns and promotions you organise to incentivize customers to shop with you through discounts, coupons, and evouchers!

    Create Bonus packs & Purchase with purchase deals! Activate bonus pack popups when items are added to a cart to offer customers a twin pack at a discounted price or a promotional set at a special price and give an exclusive purchase with purchase discount when your customer views a product’s deTAIls with eTAI.

    No delivery or collection hassle at all! eTAI offers shipping options for a variety of scenarios and easily manage taxes for various geographic locations.

    Manage your inventory easily! eTAI’s inventory system makes the tracking of hundreds of products effortless. Create urgency to purchase a product when stocks are low or encourage orders for out-of-stock items!

Web and Social Media Integration

  • How do I get more customers?

    Be hip, be social! When you create a store with eTAI, your store is automatically integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

    Affiliate Program. You can reward a customer when a purchase is made through their store purchase posted on Facebook, twitter or other social media platforms owned by your brand, eTAI or your customer. It’s a win-win. So sign on and encourage your customers to share their purchases for a chance to be rewarded.

    Referral Program. Spread the word with an e-voucher for every new customer who visits your store invited by your existing customers.

    Turn your product into a global brand! With eTAI’s built-in SEO to ensure search engines find your store online, you can have a global reach to consumers from all over the world.

Customer Management

  • How can I encourage my customers to keep on buying on my store?

    In eTAI, you can develop a tiered membership program to give recognition to your most loyal customers and encourage loyalty with loyalty discounts for different tiers of membership. You can create exclusivity with invitation only sales events as well as plan, track and manage your redeemable items for reward redemptions.


Wireless Store Management