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About Us


After a year of careful, rigid, and continuous software development, TechAtrium Innovations Pte Ltd, a software development company specializing in web and mobile solutions based in Singapore with a satellite office in Vietnam which houses its pool of innovative developers, is now ready to launch its greatest brainchild, eTAI. eTAI is a Software as a service (or SaaS) solutions provider and developer. It provides and develops web and mobile platforms for the creation, facility, and management of electronic commerce (ecommerce) and retail point-of- sale (POS) systems.

eTAI offers a user-friendly, flexible, and affordable software system that will let any person from any part of the world, no matter how novice or experienced he is in the field of business, to create his own online store via web or mobile. It gives a distinct opportunity to the up and coming young entrepreneurs full of creative juices to stage their products and services in the World Wide Web at a minimum cost with the guidance of our easy-to-use and easy-to-understand multi-tier ecommerce template. eTAI also empowers seasoned sellers, suppliers, dealers, traders, manufacturers, merchandisers, and distributors to integrate technology in their sales, marketing, inventory, and costing both in their online and physical stores to improve and innovate the way they do business. Aside from the ecommerce and POS software systems, eTAI provides online store configuration, support, and training services to our clients as well.

In eTAI, we understand that every entrepreneur has his own style of running his business and every enterprise has its own distinctive needs and features. Thus, unlike any other ecommerce platforms, eTAI lets its users to request or propose for development and integration of additional modules and functions suitable to the sellers’ unique necessities. We offer customized solutions. We give freedom and endless choices to our users.

Under our paid annual subscription scheme, eTAI gives every entrepreneur the chance to rule the online market and to reap his profits in the most convenient and affordable way. We let our clients manage and keep track of their customers, products and inventory, sales, shipping, payment methods, and membership, rewards, privilege, and discount (including regular discount, bulk discount, upsell, and cross-sell) schemes, may they be in the comfort of their homes, offices, stores or wherever they are at any time of the day. Because in eTAI, creating, managing, and innovating your business is as easy as a, b, c.

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